Archaeological Restorer

Museum of Cadiz. Junta de Andalucía. Cádiz, Spain. (present)

National Center of Archaeological Underwater Researches. Goverment of Spain. Cartagena, Spain. (9 years)

Archaeological Underwater Center – Andalusian Institute of Historic Heritage (IAPH). Junta de Andalucia. Cádiz. Spain. (8 years)

Academic training

Fine Arts -graduate-, Restoration -speciality-. University of Granada.

Certficated of Advanced Study. University of Granada.

Doctoral thesis project: “underwater silicone molding for superfragile archaeological materials” Dept. Science of Materials, Metalurgy Ingeniery and Inorganic Chemistry (signed 2009), University of Cádiz.

Adicional training

Underwater Archaeology, Technique and Method. National Center of Archaeological Underwater Researches. Goverment of Spain. Cartagena, Spain.

Arcaheological Wood Liophilization. Atelier Regional de Conservation Nucleart del C.E.N.G., Grenoble, France.

Dept of Architecture and Naval Construction, E.T.S.I.N, Politechnic University of Madrid, Spain.

Metal Conservation with Electrolysis. Groupe de Laboratoires Valectra de la E.D.F., Paris, France.

Plastination Technique. Faculty of Veterinary. University of Murcia, Spain.

Professional Diving 2nd Class (restrict). TEDSA, Cartagena, Spain.

Archaeological proyects

Excavation and survey. Phoenician Ship Mazarrón 1 (1993-1995). CNIAS-MNAM.

Recording. Phoenician Ship Mazarrón 2 (2008).CNIAS-MNAM.

Prospecting. Cartagena Harbour. CNIAS-MNAM.

Excavation. Roman ship of Grum de Sal. CNIAS-MNAM.

Prospecting and survey. Baelo Claudia Roman City, Tarifa. IAPH-CAS.

Prospecting and survey. NW-Reefs to the city of Cadiz. IAPH-CAS.

Prospecting and survey. Tarifa Island. Tarifa. IAPH-CAS.

Prospecting and survey. Trafalgar Project. IAPH-CAS.

Exavation and survey. Bajo de la Campana, Murcia. MNAM-INA


Class conference. Politechnic University of Valencia.

Universitary Master. University Pablo Olavide, Sevilla.

Many courses directed, conferences and advanced class. IAPH-CAS.

Conference & course. AECID, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Conference. World Heritage Manegement. UNESCO, Oaxaca. Mexico.

Conference & course. INTERREG IIIA, European Union-Morocco, Cádiz.

Conference & course. University of Cantabria, Santander.

Master class. Foral Council of Alava, Vitoria.

Class conference. Foral Council of Guipozcoa.

Conference. Foral Council of Vizcaia.

Conference & course. University of Cadiz.

Conservation proyects

Project Sucrosse. Underwater Archaeological Wood Stabilization with Sucrose. Reseau Eurpeen des Laboratoires & CNIAS.

Influence study of physical, chemical and biological conditions in degradation and conservation of Underwater Cultural Heritage. Ministery of Science and Innovation.

Plastination of wet archaeological wood. CAS-IAPH & University of Cádiz.

Electrolitic methods in conservation of Underwater Cultural Heritage. IAPH-CAS.

Consolidation of mineral phases in underwater archaeological iron objetcs. IAPH-CAS.

Alteration analysis of archaeological objetcs from underwater sites in Andalusian Museums. IAPH-CAS.

Arcaheological record and corrosion monitoring of iron cannons in underwater sites. IAPH-CAS.